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Preventing Dry Rot in Your San Francisco Home

Image of dirty, clogged gutters that can lead to dry rot damage

Preventing Dry Rot in Your San Francisco Home

If you own property in San Francisco, or anywhere else for that matter, it is important to be aware of the hazards of dry rot. Caused by standing water, humidity, and/or poor ventilation, dry rot fungi attack wood structures and weaken them. This can eventually lead to serious damage and even collapse, so the signs of dry rot in a home should never be ignored. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to prevent dry rot from occurring or recurring once you have had it removed by a San Francisco dry rot specialist.

1. Clean Gutters Regularly

Most property owners know to have their gutters cleaned professionally. However, many people do not realize that gutters should be cleaned year-round. Standing water is one of the biggest hazards when it comes to the structural integrity of a home. One significant storm can cause water to pool in gutters, as well as environmental debris. A blockage can easily lead to water leaks that can then lead to dry rot. In California, a storm can strike at any time, so make sure you have a trusted gutter service you can contact to keep your gutters clear.

2. Check Your Basement

From time to time, take a look at the corners and ceiling in your basement. Basements are a prime location for dry rot growth, as humidity tends to be higher. Basements that don’t get a lot of use should be checked more frequently. If you notice any unusual damp odors or strange looking, moldy material, contact a San Francisco dry rot removal service right away.

3. Make Repairs

If there is a problem with something in your house, prioritize fixing it as soon as possible. This may seem obvious, but unrepaired leaks, cracks, and peeling paint can quickly lead to an environment that is ideal for the growth of dry rot. Roof damage, such as a broken shingle, can allow moisture to seep in. Moisture in small spaces can allow dry rot to affect the structure of the building. Dry rot spreads fast, so don’t wait on making even the smallest of repairs.

4. Seal Cracks with Caulk and Weatherstripping

Caulk around windows and weatherstripping around doors is critical when it comes to keeping moisture out. Leaky doors and windows make it difficult to maintain internal temperatures and can allow water to seep in. These elements of a home are often made from wood, so it is especially critical to keep an eye on these areas. If you notice a leak, have it repaired as soon as possible.

5. Keep Water Away

There are a few simple adjustments you can make to try to direct water away from your home. Consider adding a canopy over your entryway to keep rain away from your door. Use dehumidifiers in basements or any other rooms that are subject to high levels of moisture. Sweep water away from your decking after rainstorms. If there is an issue involving water anywhere around your home, address it swiftly to ensure dry rot doesn’t have a chance to start spreading.

6. Work with a San Francisco Dry Rot Company

The best way to prevent dry rot from damaging your home is by working with a local dry rot repair and removal service. Once dry rot has been fully addressed and removed and all repairs have been made, it is important to take the necessary steps to keep it from occurring again in the future. Making some adjustments in your home can help, but the most certain way of keeping dry rot out is by working with a professional.

Victor Construction & Engineering offers comprehensive dry rot removal services in San Francisco and throughout Marin County, CA. We can help diagnose the problem, make all repairs, remove and replace damaged structures, and prevent the problem from happening again. Call (415) 472-9144 or fill out our quick contact form to make an appointment today.