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Preventing Dry Rot in Commercial Properties

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Preventing Dry Rot in Commercial Properties

Commercial property owners in California know how important it is to take steps to prevent dry rot. Once dry rot takes hold, it spreads quickly throughout buildings. Over time, it can render entire structures unsafe and uninhabitable. When it comes to a commercial building, this can mean serious, costly damage that can affect a lot of people. Fortunately, there are measures that owners and managers can take to prevent dry rot in commercial properties.

Consider the Use of Your Property

One of the most important elements of preventing dry rot in commercial properties is basing your approach on what your building is used for. For example, if the property is used as a restaurant, you can plan for especially heavy water usage in the kitchen area. These areas need to be kept extra dry and clean, and any small spaces around walls and floors must be checked regularly. On the other hand, you may be dealing with a multi-unit building that requires maintenance of individual living spaces. Bathrooms, basements, and laundry rooms should also be checked regularly. If a water issue occurs, attention to detail in cleaning and drying the space is critical. You can work with a dry rot repair professional or contractor to install appliances or remodel your layout with this in mind.

Keep Gutters Clean

When left clogged and dirty, gutters can quickly become a problem. Water and environmental debris build up in your commercial gutters and can easily cause leaks and cracks. This allows water to build up around the exterior and interior of your building. Standing water is a major dry rot hazard, so it is important to prevent this from occurring. It is best to develop a year-round gutter cleaning schedule so that water is not allowed to pool for too long and cause damage. All drains and downspouts should be kept clear to prevent dry rot growth.

Keep Windows and Doors Sealed

Cracks in the flashing around windows can quickly lead to dry rot growth. Even the smallest gap can lead to an imbalance in moisture levels, which can rapidly become a costly problem. As soon as you notice any leaky doors or old, worn out weatherstripping, have it repaired immediately. This will ensure better internal temperature control and prevent the necessary environment for dry rot to grow.

Conduct Regular Checks

As mentioned, it is important to inspect the parts of your commercial property that receive the most water. Thorough checks should be conducted on a schedule to ensure nothing is missed. It only takes a small section of rotted wood to cause serious damage. Once it infects one element of your building, it will quickly start to spread. Ultimately, entire structural components can become irreparably damaged, which might leave your building uninhabitable for some time while it is being repaired. While it may take up valuable time and/or resources, this is not a risk you want to take. Once dry rot starts to consume commercial building components, it will inevitably spread fast. You or a manager should regularly inspect the entire property, inside and outside, to ensure there are no cracks or water issues.

Work with a Dry Rot Repair and Removal Service

In order to best protect the investment of your commercial property, consult with a professional. A dry rot expert can inspect your space, identify areas of concern, locate any existing dry rot, and take the steps towards removing and repairing it. They can also ensure it does not recur in the future by doing things like applying epoxy compounds to wooden surfaces that act as a barrier against wood rot. It is ultimately a major risk to ignore dry rot or allow dry rot conditions to occur, so it’s a good idea to find an experienced commercial dry rot removal professional in your area who can help.

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