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Foundations can crack for many reasons. Improper engineering as well as load-bearing displacement to soil erosion over time can cause cracks and issues. Environmental factors such as heavy rainfall, poor drainage, and fluctuating temperatures can exacerbate these problems.  A building needs reliable frame-to-foundation connections or it can become displaced from its foundation in an earthquake. Insufficient lateral bracing results in a partial or complete collapse of the perimeter cripple walls, which form the basement or crawl space. This can lead to structural damage, making the building unsafe to occupy. Either form of damage can mean a total loss scenario as well as financial strain. However, there are safeguards you can put in place that protect against this.

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At Victor Construction and Engineering, we provide comprehensive and dependable commercial and residential foundation repair services. Our goal is to make your home safe and secure. We conduct on-site assessments to determine your needs and make a plan that works around your schedule. Our foundation repair experts prioritize a collaborative process that ensures your goals are achieved and your voice is heard. Our passion is planning and creating safer California homes. Therefore, a big part of our mission is building strong foundations. Make sure you are prepared for earthquake damage by outfitting your home with a strong and sturdy foundation. 


Ground shaking is the most common and damaging effect of an earthquake. It occurs when seismic waves travel through the ground, causing it to move in various directions. This shaking can cause significant stress on your home’s foundation, leading to cracks, shifts, and in severe cases, total collapse if the structure is not properly anchored and braced.

Soil liquefaction happens when saturated soil temporarily loses its strength and stiffness due to the intense shaking during an earthquake. The soil behaves like a liquid, causing the ground to settle unevenly. This can lead to foundation settlement, tilting, and even sinking of the structure. Buildings constructed on loose, water-saturated soil are particularly vulnerable to this phenomenon.

Lateral forces are horizontal forces generated by an earthquake that cause a building to sway from side to side. These forces can push a building off its foundation or cause significant structural damage if the building is not properly braced. Lateral bracing and foundation bolting are critical to counteract these forces and prevent structural failure.

Vertical forces result from the up-and-down motion of the ground during an earthquake. These forces can cause the ground beneath a building to move abruptly, placing additional stress on the foundation and the building’s structural components. This can lead to cracks and other forms of damage in both the foundation and the superstructure.

Torsional forces occur when different parts of a building experience different amounts of movement during an earthquake, causing the structure to twist. This twisting motion can be particularly damaging to the foundation and the overall structural integrity of the building, especially if it lacks adequate shear walls and bracing.


Our approach ensures your foundation is reinforced to withstand seismic activity and other structural threats. 

At VCE, we use a variety of methods to address and repair foundation damage, such as:

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