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Serving the San Francisco and Marin County areas

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structural and earthquake engineering in the San Francisco and Marin County Areas
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Strengthening buildings that have obsolete seismic standards to give them maximum earthquake resilience.

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We assess your home or commercial property to determine your retrofitting needs.Subsequently, we develop a plan to strengthen existing structures to create maximum resistance to ground motion or soil failure, which occur during earthquakes.

Dry rot is the term given to brown rot decay caused by certain fungi that deteriorate timber in buildings and other wooden structures. It can cause serious damage and needs to be addressed swiftly. Our team will quickly identify and repair any dry rot damage.

Repair to a building's foundation is most often needed because of expansive clay, as well as compressible soils that settle and cause the foundation to crack or fail. Additionally, foundational cracks can cause a range of other issues and need to be repaired immediately.

30 Years in the retrofit and dry rot services industry has most certainly afforded us the ability to expertly tackle structural as well as cosmetic construction needs.


Victor Construction serves the San Francisco area in addition to Marin County

Victor Construction has been strengthening buildings that have obsolete seismic standards for maximum earthquake resilience for over 30 years.

We provide quality construction compliance to meet current guidelines for the safety of occupant lives and liability to building owners (to comply with the 2013 Mandatory Soft Story Retrofit Ordinance)