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Expert Dry Rot Repair in Marin County

Your trusted choice in Marin County for expert dry rot repair, seismic retrofitting, and dry rot cleaning. Protect your home or commercial property with our expert services and enjoy peace of mind. Contact us today for top-quality solutions in Marin County.


Repairing dry rot damage increases the structural stability and (along with seismic retrofitting) helps fortify your commercial or residential property in the event of an earthquake. Dry rot repairs and maintenance can include a wide variety of tasks including proper caulking, painting, and siding and trim work maintenance. If your interior and/or exterior walls have dry rot damage, it is necessary to repair this issue so your property’s structural integrity will stand strong for many years to come.

We offer commercial and residential dry rot repair services throughout San Francisco and beyond.

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  1. Every bit of wood that is damaged needs to be removed. We continue to remove dry rot until structurally integral wood is discovered.

  2. Using a wire brush, loosened material is removed from all surfaces of the infestation, including metal, masonry, and pipes. Resulting dust and debris is removed as well.

  3. Our two-part dry rot process prevents moisture from re-establishing itself.

  4. Substantially dry rot-damaged materials such as mud sills, floor joists, and floor beams in the crawl space area are rebuilt.

  5. Install a sump pump.

Understanding the Origin of Dry Rot

Dry rot, a silent threat, emerges when wood structures face excess moisture, leading to weakening and decay. This seemingly ‘dry’ deterioration is fueled by harmful fungi, caused by factors like high humidity, poor ventilation, and wood-dirt contact.

Factors Fueling Dry Rot in Marin County

High humidity, inadequate ventilation, and prolonged exposure to moisture in spaces like crawl spaces, attics, and basements create the perfect breeding ground for destructive fungi.

Common Causes of Dry Rot in the Bay Area

Dry rot can infiltrate your home due to various issues, including plumbing and roof leaks, which are common due to the climate of Marin County.


Preventing Dry Rot in a Basement

Basements are a common area for dry rot to occur. To prevent dry rot in your basement, there are several steps you can take.

  1. Remove Standing Water

Prevent dry rot by eliminating sources of standing water. Fix leaks, install a sump pump, and ensure gutters and downspouts work properly. By removing standing water, you can reduce humidity levels in your Marin County basement and thwart the fungi causing dry rot

2. Install a Plastic Vapor Barrier

After removing standing water, install a plastic vapor barrier on basement walls and floors in Marin County. This barrier stops moisture from entering, creating an inhospitable environment for dry rot-causing fungi. Proper installation and sealing are crucial to prevent moisture gaps.

3. Opt for a Self-Draining Dehumidifier

Consider installing a self-draining dehumidifier, adequately sized for your Marin County basement (100-liter model or more). A dehumidifier removes excess moisture, thwarting fungal growth causing dry rot. Regular maintenance and cleaning ensure its optimal performance.

Preventing Dry Rot in Marin County Crawl Spaces

Crawl spaces in Marin County are susceptible to dry rot. To prevent dry rot in your crawl space, follow these steps:

1. Ensure Proper Cross-Ventilation

The first step in preventing dry rot in a crawl space is to establish adequate cross-ventilation. Install vents or fans to promote air circulation, reducing humidity levels and thwarting the fungi that cause dry rot in Marin County.

2. Encapsulate Your Crawl Space

After achieving cross-ventilation, encapsulate the crawl space with a liner. This liner prevents moisture from entering, creating an environment hostile to dry rot-causing fungi. Ensure proper installation and sealing to eliminate gaps that might allow moisture infiltration.

3. Consider a Sump Pump

In some cases, install a sump pump to combat standing water in your crawl space. A properly sized sump pump removes excess water, preventing fungal growth leading to dry rot. Regular maintenance and cleaning are essential to maintain its effectiveness in Marin County.

Contact Us for Marin County’s Best Dry Rot Repair Services

Repairing the dry rot in your building will also increase its resale value! The moment you discover dry rot in your structure, or if you would like to ensure there are no hidden dry rot areas, give the experts at Victor Construction & Engineering a call. We will properly identify all areas of dry rot by performing an in-depth, on-site evaluation. Our dry rot repair team will walk you through the entire process, from start to finish. We use only quality products to repair the damage, so your building will last for decades to come. We are the experts in Marin County dry rot repair with over 30 years of experience.

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