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  • California has a 99% chance of having an earthquake with a magnitude 6.7 or larger within the next 30 years. For the first time, earthquakes in California can be forecast. Therefore, earthquake retrofitting is an essential step for California homeowners.
  • An earthquake of about the same magnitude as the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake is likely to occur again. Ultimately, if this happens, the strength will be much greater. Accordingly, preparations such as earthquake retrofitting need to take immediately.
Victor Construction & Engineering offers residential and commercial earthquake retrofitting services throughout San Francisco and Marin County.

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• Earthquake retrofitting is the modification of existing structures to create resistance to seismic activity in addition to ground motion and soil failure.
• Earthquake retrofitting is physical as well as technical work. Accordingly, it involves more than just foundation bolting. Seismic retrofitting involves foundation anchors/bolts, shear panels, and framing connectors. However, these must be installed to specific standards in order to achieve the desired result. Therefore, we go the extra mile to ensure safety and security.
• The strengthening methods used by Victor Construction & Engineering are intended to reduce the likelihood of your home being damaged in an earthquake.

• Earthquake forces can affect your home in three ways — sliding, racking and/or overturning.

Seismic failures occur when a building is displaced from its concrete foundation. It also happens when walls below main floor areas collapse. In the first case, improvement consists of strengthening the connections between the building and the foundation. Improvements to prevent the second type of failure consist of supplementing connections to the foundation as well as strengthening the supporting walls.

Our Earthquake Retrofitting Process

• VCE offers commercial and residential earthquake retrofitting services. Our earthquake retrofitting process is very scientific. We use physics to ensure a building does not fall down in an earthquake. Additionally, we use a formula to determine exactly what a house needs. The application of these scientific principles to an existing building is called seismic retrofitting.
• The strength of your home, as well as its earthquake vulnerabilities, can be determined through a visual inspection. Our trained earthquake specialists conduct these on-site. Typically, this person will make recommendations for strengthening as well as dependability. Ultimately, it will reduce the risk of both damage to the property and personal injury.


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