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Commercial Foundation Repair in Marin County, CA

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A strong foundation is critical to the structural safety of a commercial building. In Marin County, property owners face a specific set of challenges considering the frequency of seismic activity and weather events that can cause foundation damage. Beyond this, commercial foundations are constantly exposed to a range of potential causes of damage. VCE offers a range of home and commercial foundation repair services throughout Marin County, California.

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A building’s foundation serves two major purposes; it distributes the weight from load-bearing walls to the bedrock or soil and it keeps groundwater and moisture out of the structure. Factors such as topography and condition of the soil determine the type of foundation that is appropriate for your commercial property. The foundation of a building is part of a structural system that supports and anchors the structure and transmits its load directly to the earth.

Generally speaking, foundations are divided into two categories: shallow and deep. This refers to the depth of soil in which the foundation is constructed. Shallow foundations can be as little as 3ft, while deep ones can reach depths of 60-200ft. Shallow foundations are typically more appropriate for smaller commercial buildings, while deeper ones work best for large, heavy buildings.

Cracks in a commercial foundation


  • Cracks in walls and floors
  • Cracks around window and door frames
  • Visible sinking or settling
  • Upward movement of slab foundation
  • Doors failing to open or close properly
  • Sagging or uneven floors


Foundation damage can be caused by a number of things. Water is a common culprit, which can cause the soil to shrink or swell, leading to foundation movement. Commercial properties are often built on sandy soil in the San Francisco area due to proximity to large bodies of water. Earthquakes are a major threat to Marin County commercial foundations. Earthquakes release energy that pushes against buildings from one direction, and a strong foundation needs to push the opposite way. This can cause foundation cracking and separation, which can lead to serious problems if not total structural collapse. Rebar must be built into foundations in order to improve structural strength. At VCE, we prioritize a comprehensive foundation repair process in order to ensure maximum structural security in Marin County, California.

On-Site Assessment – The first step in repairing a building’s foundation is conducting an on-site assessment. We make sure to work around your schedule in order to cause minimal interruption to your workers’, customers’, or tenants’ routines. Depending on a number of factors, there are different approaches we may need to take. Our technicians will examine the damage and determine what steps need to be taken to fortify the foundation.  

Replacement of Unreinforced Masonry – If foundation materials are deteriorating or unreinforced, they must be replaced with reinforced concrete. Walls may also need to be reinforced via plywood sheathing.

Foundation Extensions – In Marin County, earthquake forces are amplified in water-saturated soils, which makes them incapable of supporting building foundations. If the soil is determined to be a problem, the foundation may need to be reinforced and/or extended. If possible, we will work to extend the foundation into solid, undisturbed soil.

Pier Installation – If necessary, we will install concrete or steel piers until we reach what is referred to as the “point of refusal.” This means that the foundation piers are forced downwards into the ground via a hydraulic jack as far as they can possibly go.

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