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Commercial Dry Rot Repair in Marin County, CA

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Dry rot can be a major source of damage for a commercial property. If affected wood is not promptly removed, it can quickly penetrate deeper into the structure. Once it has progressed, it can cost thousands of dollars in structural repairs and pose a hazard to employees and customers. Fortunately, VCE offers comprehensive dry rot repair services in San Francisco that remove affected areas and fortify commercial structures against further damage.

A wood wall with dry rot damage.


Dry rot, also referred to as brown rot, is wood decay that is caused by fungus. It occurs when excess moisture builds on wood. This generates fungus that attacks the wood, breaking it down and causing it to rot. This quickly causes the wood to weaken and become undependable. The term “dry rot” refers to the fact that the wood appears stiff and dry.

Many buildings have wooden structural components which are susceptible to damage caused by wood-eating fungus. If you have virtually any wood within the structure of your commercial San Francisco property, it is susceptible to dry rot damage. Once the timber is exposed to any amount above acceptable levels of moisture (20-30%), it is at risk. From that point on, the spores will continue to spread and develop into fungus. This fungus can then circulate to other parts of your commercial property, destroying more and more timber. Rotten wood causes serious structural instability that jeopardizes the entire building, so it is critical that commercial property owners work with a Marin County dry rot repair service to swiftly repair dry rot damage.


  • Shrinking wood
  • Cotton- or wool-like substance
  • Fungus/mushrooms
  • Sunken or caved-in areas
  • Water droplets
  • Wood discoloration
  • Cracks
  • Damp, musty odor
  • Peeling layer on wood surface


Dry rot can cause unsafe conditions in commercial properties. A building with weak, damaged wood is unlikely to be able to withstand an earthquake, for example, which is a big problem for Marin County commercial property owners. At VCE, we work quickly to identify the source of the dry rot damage, remove the affected areas, and fortify your Marin County commercial property against further damage.

Identify the Source of the Moisture – There could be a variety of sources, such as improper flashing detail. Water gets behind the siding causing dry rot damage. We conduct on-site assessments to find any and all causes throughout the entirety of the commercial property in order to prevent any future problems.  

Dry Rot Removal – Our dry rot repair experts will work to remove every bit of dry rot damage. We remove loose material from surfaces of affected areas. The wood needs to be dried and fungicide may need to be applied. We then remove any debris and dirt in order to leave the area as clean as possible.

Repair of Damaged Structural Materials – Once the rotten materials are removed, we assess the damage and begin the replacement process. Typically, we have to open up areas to do further inspection to se the extent of dry rot damage. Once we have a better assessment, we put up temporary shoring supports because most dry rot is structural damage. Then, we completely remove the dry rot and bring it back to its original state. Our talent is making it better than it was originally, so it will not happen again.

Moisture Proofing – Commercial properties in Marin County are at constant risk of dry rot damage due to a moist climate. We maintain ongoing relationships with our clients to lasting structural integrity.

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If you are in need of commercial dry rot repair services in Marin County, CA, contact VCE today. We offer a range of services, including commercial water damage consulting, commercial remodeling, water leak inspection, and much more.

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